Sunday, 29 January 2012

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde's OYEP Foundation Put A Smile on the Faces of Twenty Widows!!!

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Recently Omotola Jalade Ekeinde did something pretty amazing in my opinion that raised my respect and admiration for her by a couple of bars.
She took a group of widows on a pampering and makeover session. Some cynics may ask what happens after the makeover but my argument is: If she was able to put a smile on the faces of those women for a day and make them forgot their circumstances at that point in time... to just see themselves as another beautiful, unique creation of God, then she did very well.
Being an orphan myself, I can relate totally with what Omotola said about the widows always channelling whatever you give them to the upkeep of their children and the home...which is to be expected seeing that they are the only ones raising the children.
I can so relate with this as mother was like that, come to think of it, most mothers are like. They will rather wear the same clothing item for 10years than see their children lack anything at mum God rest her soul was like that...
I'm glad she was able to get this women to just chill out for a day out of 365days!
Amazing transformation I must say...the ladies came out looking so radiant!

Omotola, if you can read this, I'm telling you for this that you have done... you've got a fan in me! More grease to your elbow and I'm sure you know you will reap a hundred fold!

Here are the pictures I've tried to capture the before and afters from Linda Ikeji and Bella Naija
Talk about real transformation! Kudos to the make up artist, stylist and everybody who contributed in any way to put a smile on the faces of this women.
Heard there were twenty of them. God bless you all:)

So What Do You Guys Think???


aloted said...

wow!!! make up is good oooo..

ok back to the point.. Kudos Omotola! me likey!!!

Geebee said...

Wao! see what make-up does. These hitherto-unhappy looking widows became instantly 'hawt' and I'm almost having eyes for some of them. lol. I've never really been a fan of Omotola but let's give it to her, this is wonderful. Even the bible says blessed are those who comfort those who mourn. Nolimit, I'm back to blogging o. Expecting you on my blog.

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depuy hip recall class action said...

The are all gorgeous! They deserve to be pampered, imagine the sacrifices and the trials the are facing. Let's admit it, being a widow is not easy as i was raised by my mom alone when my father died during my early years.

salt lake city graphic design said...

The pampering is a one of kind treatment to them and i am sure that they will appreciate the attention and care given to them.

NoLimit said... likey too:)

@Geebee...:) see you on your the way that was a great post on Soul sistahs!

@Depuy Hip...I can imagine, having being raised by a widow myself who never spent extra to pamper herself!

@Salt Lake I bet they appreciate. The thought that went to this counts!

Melissa said...

Damn, make up can do wonders!
It's amazing how it could make a woman glow. I have nothing wrong with make up especially when it is well done. It just enhance your beauty!