Tuesday, 28 January 2014

January Giveaway On www.3six5woman.com

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It's been 28 (TWENTY EIGHT) days since 3six5Woman.com started and I must confess, it's been groovy, several women have signed up to share their stories and the feed back has been phenomenal!
The idea was to get women to share about a day in their lives to Encourage, Inspire and Motivate other women but as the day goes by, it has metamorphosed and it keeps changing as various women share stories from their lives that transcends 24 hours!
I am thankful that I followed through on this particular project although it is too early to be counting my chickens... well I'm not... I'm just saying thank you to all the women who came out in leaps and bounds to support.
If you've ever tweeted about, retweeted, commented, liked or shared the www.3six5woman.com link, then this one's for you and if you've never... oi!!! what are you waiting for? click away mate!:)
While dreaming up the website, the idea to give gifts to people on the regular came to me. Personally I think it is fantastic seeing that it is better to give than to receive.
In the spirit of giving, I present to you the first gift for 2014... *drum roll*.... A £20 Amazon gift card. all you need to do is follow 3six5Woman on Instagram and Twitter... Click here to do that.
Once again from the bottom of my heart, I want to say a massive thank you to you for your support... 

Bless Up

Ps: I hope you love my new signature!!! I feel like a confirmed techy! I'm sure GNG, Seye and Aloted will be very proud of me!!!lol


Good Naija Girl said...

lol I am proud of you! Soon you'll move this blog to WordPress like 3six5 and there will be no stopping you!

I'll enter the contest...thanks for hosting it!

NoLimit said...

lol!!! No o... this blog is chilling right here! Or is there any major benefit to moving it to wordpress... yes you guessed right, I'm not a techy!lol