Friday, 11 December 2015 Part 1

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So I saw a couple of teenagers buying weed/drug from a supplier today on my way to lunch.
I literally froze and stood staring at them. I was speechless and absolutely unhappy.
I felt like disrupting the whole show with *koboko but of course I remembered where I was and readjusted to my environment immediately.
The boys are within my nephew's age range! I am so sure of that; yet they had the effrontery to be buying weed in front of me! Now I understand how this boys stab each other with no conscience. Of course if you've taken a mind altering substance like weed or whatever the heck they were buying your conscience is subdued and temporarily buried!
These youths are exposed to unnecessary hazards. Guess it's part of youthful exuberance. But seriously our society needs help!!!
Speaking of youths, I'm off to call my nephew.


'Lara A said...

It is just sad, but what can you do.
It is well with our generation.

NoLimit said...