Thursday, 28 April 2016

Beyonce's Lemonade

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I hardly gush over artists, okay except "The Masked One" - my eyes he's all kinds of dope!
Anyways I digress, so I watched and listened to Beyonce's Lemonade and the "Beyhives" have every right to gush over this one.
Personally it took me through the journey of a woman who got her heart broken and her eventual healing and redemption. It is amazing how Beyonce remained stoic even in the face of all the allegations and cheating rumours... Reminds me of Victoria Beckham in a way...full on respect for both of them for standing by, forgiving and loving their men regardless.
The rumour mill went off the chain suggesting they are about to break up...*I laugh in french*... No devil can break this ones and you can take that to the bank.
I love how she turned her pain to "kerching"!!! Gosh that woman has got strategy...she's not the first to have had her heart broken...but she might as well be the first to document it so brilliantly.
Yep I love lemonade and it is a major reminder of the many times I ought to have made lemonade with lemons life dealt me... You can't wait for orange or even Apple forever... Make lemonade baby!

For those always rushing to air their dirty linens in public this is a lesson for you...
Heal and let people learn from your life, it isn't always about you errr... actually it is never about you!

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