Saturday, 12 June 2010

Many Women Have Done Wonderful Things...But You've Outclassed Them All!!!

"She brings him good not harm all the days of her life,her husband can

trust her and she will greatly enrich him"
The statement above from Proverbs 31 is one amongst many of the verses that gives me cause to sigh whenever I read the passage.

Some days after starting this post,It suddenly dawned on me while at a wedding that I shouldn't feel weary about the proverbs 31 woman...rather, I should embrace what she stands for and aspire to be like her. She should be a benchmark to measure my actions and reactions by and yes it is true that I may not get it right all the time, nevertheless I shouldn't stop aspiring to be this woman...she is my role model...

This is a woman who's words can be taken to the bank...she is an epitome of the millenium woman cause she is no slacker neither is she a doormat...

She is analytical and an investor not just in the world of business but also an investor in people. I can not but emphasis the fact that this woman has a very high business acumen hence the reason she is able to make wise decisions effortlessly....

She didn't sit around waiting for her husband to dole out millions in bundle to her...she made do with what she had which tells me she is resourceful.
This woman is A class...she is all about quality...and I don't just mean that in the physical sense...
She is reliable and her husband knows she can count on her to be there regardless of the weather...

This woman is an early riser who delegates efficiently...and she is strong and so come what may, she will weather the storms of life.She's also a good manager who sees to the day to day affairs of her home while climbing the corporate/business ladder herself.

She makes her husband look good in such a way that you cannot but notice the Mister in her life and I bet he is the envy of his colleagues...I'm sure the saying behind every successful man...
Was derived from this virtuous woman who's worth is more than rubies.

She's a planner hence the reason she's at peace with the future and the future of her family...only words of wisdom pours from her mouth that makes me realise that you won't find this priceless woman in the midst of gossips or bad mouthers and if at all you find her there, she will be encouraging them to desist...since she is an investor in people :)...

Inspite of her busy schedule she still makes time out of no time to see to the needs of the poor and the needy this woman has a good heart and feels the pain of others, she doesn't only feel the pain but she helps ease the pain.

Her husband and kids cannot help but be full of compliments for this wholesome woman who is a universal role model to women and it shows...(I can imagine what mother's day is like in this household!!!)
Now do you still wonder why I sigh and go weak when I read this passage???
Being her or at least a slice of her calls for a lot of hardwork and self discipline, nevertheless, it is worth all the hassle.
Charm they say is deceptive...and beauty fades... But the woman who
fears the Lord... Shall be praised.

Kudos to all the ladies and men involved with this project.

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Gee said...

"but also an investor in people."
Loved dat--this is definitely a new insight to me!!
yaayyy u did maam, even after the system crash!


Funms-the rebirth said...

This was a great read and worth waiting for. Hmmm I can imagine Mother's day just like u said, I pray God helps us in being the best we can

Myne Whitman said...

Indeed worth waiting for, as is the Proverbs 31 woman or man. Role models as we continue on this life's journey. Thanks you all for sharing.

Jaycee said...

My favorite line,

"She makes her husband look good in such a way that you cannot but notice the Mister in her life and I bet he is the envy of his colleagues"

Mother's day must be a party at her house. iLove her. iAspire to be her. Great post!

GoHard said...

invest in people as well, never thought of that. great post

Thirty + said...

I must confess the proverbs 31 woman scares me or should I say sets the fire to my tail... as in all of that attribute in just one woman.

But over and over again I have come to learn that there is more than enough grace if you aspire to be the proverbs 31 woman.

bArOquE said...

...too tired to read it through, maybe I'll come back & finish it...hope u're doing good?


I love it! I particularly love the "she makes her husband look good" I certainly need such a woman in my life. lol. I hardly shop for myself... (would stop there cos I knw God has already given me one).

Thanks for sharing. Now, on to the others.


Berean Girl said...

I know your post touched a lot of base but you talked a lot about the people in her life... I'm tempted to say you're an investor in people yourself. You talked about her husband, kids and other people in her life. It just reminds me of this saying "Don't love things and use people, rather use things and love people". Good to know she cherished her relationships...dealing with people just takes God cz getting along can be challenging atimes.

rethots said...

"...but, you outclassed them." says it all.

aloted said...

hmm does she really exist...?

Lord have mercy!