Monday, 15 August 2016

Get Out Of That Funk; Destroy The Source

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The other day I seasoned chicken and forgot to put it in the fridge... it is summer here so it doesn't take too long for perishable food to turn bad. Luckily I discovered on time and I quickly boiled and grilled it.
But I noticed there were flies all over the place and I just couldn't fathom why or what caused it seeing that I've already cooked the chicken.
I suddenly looked in the corner of the table top and found the bowl I used to season the chicken...that was the culprit. Still don't know how I missed it but right after washing this off, the flies probably got bored and left (party is over flies!)
Then it occurred to me that this is how life plays out, we fire-fight sometimes trying to solve little problems or even big problems that keeps popping up like boils in unwanted regions.
If we deal with the root cause of this issue(s)... the source of this problem(s)... then just maybe we will be able to win the war and not just a battle.
It is time to enquire and discover the source of that problem, don't go about in circle round a mountain that ought to really be destroyed to pave the way for your new beginning.
It could be anything at all that consistently or constantly rears its ugly head when it is not wanted. Bad habits, depression name it. 
There's always a trigger for flies to invade so my lovelies attack the source of that fly, destroy it and see beautiful changes in your life.




Sold to Christ said...

You are right. I still thought about this some hours ago, that some stubborn situations are only stubborn because there can still be found traces in our lives which they can relate to and feed on. So how do you chase them out when the person feeding them is you.
Thanks for coming by. I like your blog. I will be sure to come by too.

tobenna said...

Holy S***!
You still blog?!

NoLimit said...

LOL!!! @Tobenna YESSSSS I still blog!!! I will always blog... I guess! You should start blogging again o!

@Solt to Christ, thanks for stopping by. Guess we just have to keep feeding on God's word or whatever it is that will change/turn the situation around. It's only a matter of time, the source dry out and we win.

Seriously delayed post!!! I will do better in 2017!lol