Monday, 16 March 2009

Words can't express how thankful I am...But I am...

I am multitasking @ the moment!!! Preparing to go to work (arggghhhhhh!!! and putting up a new post!)...Good day my fellow blogville citizens...hope you had a great weekend like I did!!!
Went for a Greek party and it was fantastic!!!...At least they've got rhythm...
I am really and truly thankful for loads of sturves and I'll put that down in a minute...
Here we go...

I am thankful for...

1.Direction:Y'all remember CP(Chauvinistic Pig) well the guy was at it again recently...trying to blacken my image...oh no I didn't take him out to lunch(bad move) 'cos I was advised against doing so...(*note to self* next time obey when the HS drops something in your heart).
I was actually told not to talk to him and just let him retrospect, I realise that was a foolish advice! Thank God I summoned up the: courage,patience and humility to do so...otherwise work would have been a war zone for me...After have the "brief chat" with him, I found out it was just perception...I am a bubbly person who loves to gesticulate when talking or making a point...well him coming from a place where their woman are quite docile and don't look the men in the eyes when talking perceived this as a sign of aggression...well I simply told him I am NOT aggressive and what you see is what you get...I'm only trying to do my job here,let me know how I can help make the job easier for you while we work together to make our lives easier blah blah oh my! did that "brief chat" pay off?
Well...let's just say: I'm enjoying the dividend!!!:-)

2.Great mentors...People say experience is the best teacher...I say...preferably other people's experience(read that somewhere and it stuck in my head like a leech)...why should I do the vicious cycle thingy when I can gain a wealth of experience from those who have been round that mountain! I can learn in 4hours what it took my mentors 4years to realise...seriously we all need great certified mentors!...for our careers,businesses,relationships etc...they are priceless assets!

3.For God's unlimited attributes...It is amazing...just when you begin to ask can it happen,will it be done...then God shows up and kills all the doubt in your me this God of mine has got NO LIMIT!!!

4.Great friends...Better the wound of a friend than the kiss of an enemy...isn't that profound? I am thankful for true friends who keep me grounded...they are hard to find...and I'm sooo keeping mine!

5.A second is cheap...and I've found my self talking the talk and not walking the walk...~mschew~....bloody procrastinator(in my lingo..."procrastinator oshi")...and I keep being given a second chance...I am eternally grateful for this...

I could go on and on...but work calleth...this is a new week and another chance to shine like the star that you what's it gonna be? will you let life drag you under or will you stay on top of your game?...the choice is yours...I bet you know what mine is!!! Love y'all my blog Fam!!!

How's the New year resolution going? hope we are all on track...well if you aren't on track...dust your self up and get back on track...whatchu waiting for?


RocNaija said...

Nice one NoLimit.. I think I heard Ashimolowo say your 2nd point once about mentors..

And Great friends are always good... but where do we find any?!

Olufunke said...

Thankful to God on your behalf....and true true , our God is LIMITLESS!

Writefreak said...

I'm thankful to the limitless God on your behalf!

Get back to work my friend and stop blogging! lol

Enkay said...

Now I see where you got the 'No Limit' that is your blog name! Our God truly has No Limit!
Rejoicing with yopu dearie!

Good Naija Girl said...

Oh, I totally remember the CP incident. I'm glad that the situation is resolved but I have to start a rumour on blogville: you're now dating him aren't you?

That explains the "I'm enjoying the dividend" and three exclamation points plus the smiley face. Congrats on your new boo ;)

Thanks be to God for his limitless love.

Anonymous said...

Great mentors like great friends are hard to find. And YES U will SHINE!

Buttercup said...

at the greek party, did u break plates and shout "WOPA!"(or however that is spelt)??? lol..

im thankful for ur list!

doug said...

Omo my new year resolution thing is sucking royally o!

And why am I saved as "Hot Doug!!" on your blog roll??!!!

All you blogsville rabble rousers! Mscheeew!!!

Geebee said...

Hmmm inspiring . . . Five strong points many of us fail to even thank God for. . . Direction, Great mentors, God’s unlimited attributes, Great friends and indeed Second chances. Even when we don’t recognise it, God is actually doing just so much for us. He is indeed worthy of all thanks and praise. He is LIMITLESS. No Limit, thanks for this one. . . The New Year revolution? No be small thing o, I’ve defaulted a good number of times but I’m not giving up sha.

NoLimit said...

@ RocNaija... Roc abi na ROCK!lol(couldn’t help it men!)…great friends are everywhere…sometimes they are right under our noses…May you be surrounded by great friends who’ll give you good counsel!

@ Olufunke... Indeed He is…remember what He told Abraham? He said as far as your eyes can see…now that is major men!

Writefreak said... He sure is unlimited…
Ahn ahn now!...I was only trying to stay in touch with my virtual peops!

Enkay said... lol yes o…bottom line is there’s no limit to God’s greatness in my life…He can use me for anything…in other words…“any thing can happen…say what...say what…anything can happen”

@ GNG...O gal you go wound o!
Every time I read this comment of yours…I just laff ni!
Dating CP? Efian…God forbid bad $h!t…lol plus He’s very married thank you!

@Temite…Indeed they are…I’m looking for a mentor in a specific aspect of my life @ the moment and men I won’t lie it is WORK!!!...shine too babes!

@ BurraBabes... lol…to break plate na money o!apparently you need to pay extra to break plates…omo gal where I come from they call people that break plates “apa eru aje”…lol meaning prodigal child!

@ HHHawtre Doug...but why…a whole hot dog Doug…hot like fayah?
Get back on top of it my brova things can only get better…you can’t give up now mate!
Well you’re saved as Hot doug cos you’re the hottest of them all innit? lol
Na you sabi the Hinglish wey you just blow…you’re still Hawtre!!!lol

@ Geebee...Way to go bro…don’t give up/throw in the towel or whatchamacallit…just stay on top of that game…we will all pull through by His grace…He sure is doing much for us!