Thursday, 8 September 2011

30 Day challenge... DAY 1 - Five Ways to Win My Heart

I really and truly wanted to start on September first but due to various factors beyond my control, I just couldn't!
Okay here I am now... let's run this show!

Five ways to Win My Heart...

Haven't really thought about this but I'll just think as I type:)

You'll win my heart if you:

1. Level up with me all the time... By that I mean being honest with me. I can't stand dishonest and untrustworthy people....people who say good morning and you have to check outside to confirm if it really is (an extreme case and it really depends on your location:)) ... If you promise to do something or say something and find out that you're not able to keep your promise, by all means say so don't "code" it or try to pull a fast one to cover my face... it won't work or if it works and I eventually find out, there goes the trust I have for you in the bin!
Bottom-line is whether hot or cold, serve me the truth all the time!

2. Help out around the house... what I sometimes jokingly refer to as domesticated :P
No I don't need a slave but I don't have to pick up after you 24/7 of my life, the least you can do is help yourself too,I'm afraid that is not part of the deal... you should be able to boil water without burning it come on!

3. Give me your full attention. When you're with me, I need to know you're there and not with A,B,C or D ie via Blackberry, Android or Iphone...this could lead to major loss of/damage to your phone or a major fine :P
You need to be there physically and mentally otherwise...

4. Are humble and not just playing at what I call "humbility", there's a difference between the two... the first is genuine and the other is an act...a play at deception...I don't think I need to break this down, this is quite self explanatory...need I say more..

5. Positive, witty and humorous... I am witty and humorous myself so what do you expect???*wearing my cools shades*.
Seriously you need to find a way to laugh at life regardless of what you're going true, if you can't "look and laff" then there's issue...You don't have to be the court-jester to be humorous...I guess that's just a way of looking at can either be "half-filled" or "half-empty"



Which one be humbility again o.. lol
Your no. one is quite funny sha. The rest are cool. Thought I'd see smthn like the 'fear of God'. lol
So you are not the sucker for 'personal space'. You like full attention on you. I prayed for that kind of woman and God gave me...


NoLimit said...

@LDQ...fear of God is default...there's no compromise on I love my personal space too actually A LOT! But when I'm with someone @ any point in time, I would like to think that I am more interesting than the phone...I can't compete with that!:D

Good Naija Girl said...

I like your list. Humility isn't something I've had on my list, though I guess by saying "not cocky or conceited" I've been hinting at the same thing.

I know you'll bring so much joy to some lucky guy's life...if you aren't already doing so! ;)

aloted said...

chei i have missed o...didnt know u had started ur challenge..

off to read the rest.

love ur list by the way..

but u this girl..u dont always give me ur full attention nau...oh oops u are referring to a guy here aint u?...MY BAD!

I am out :P

Anonymous said...

babe with this list, me thinks you'll be single for a veeery looong time