Friday, 9 September 2011

30 Day challenge... DAY 2 - Something I feel so Strongly About.

Well that would be injustice, I totally can't stand being cheated or seeing others cheated... It makes my blood makes me see RED need I say more:).
Well I had written a whole bunch of stuff about this but on reading through, I feel it is not really relevant/necessary to put it on here... so I'll just go with the flow as usual.
Injustice is everywhere and my heart weeps every time I see people treated in a way humans don't deserve to be treated.
It is always difficult for me to just ignore and let go even though I know I'm not Voltron the defender of the universe.
Injustice in my opinion is an act of selfishness... it totally sucks...don't know about how to eradicate this, but I know it is possible to consciously treat others with respect due them regardless of who it is.



"Injustice in my opinion is an act of selfishness..." and cruelty! Lack of empathy!

Thanks for sharing.


seye said...

lol. :P :{

NoLimit said...

@LDP... I totally agree with you...thanks for reading:)

@Seye... RME!