Monday, 26 September 2011

30 Day challenge... DAY 7 - Five Pet Peeves

Phew... Somethings are just extra ordinarily annoying... these are in no particular order

1. Mouth Odour/Body Odour... I don't understand how a full grown adult can miss it....except adults who can't smell.
How can you not know your mouth is in dire need of mint or your armpit needs deodorant!

2. People who think public transports - bus, trains etc are extensions of their living room.
There's nothing as irritating as getting on a train and finding that one very annoying person who decides to blare their music or talk loudly on the phone! *rolling my eyes*... seriously do I need to be subjected to that type of torture!

3. Clueless people who act like they know!
This makes me want to pull my hair off strand after strand! It is just plain irritating. Or when I'm trying to explain a point and the other person keeps asking stupid needless questions!

4. Being talked to when I'm in my "quiet mode"
sometimes...I just want to be left alone to reflect... then someone comes along to "disturb" me...hmmm God help you if I'm not exactly in "nice mode" too!:P

5. Retarded convos...
In the words of Rooftop MCs... if you don't have nothing to say.... Say nothing!

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