Saturday, 24 September 2011

30 Day challenge... DAY 6 - My View on Mainstream Music

*Sigh* You bet I've run out of excuse for just pausing like that... but my eyes are on the price so let's go!

In my opinion, music is a universal language and good music is good music regardless of the genre etc.

I'm not sure I have any particular view on this to be honest; All I know is I am blessed with the ability to smell good music from a mile and half...I'm not even joking.

Well this post is going to be extra special short since I have no view whatsoever and I don't intend to pretend to have one!
Have a great weekend y'all!


aloted said...

iro oo...u have a view jo..cuz u have expressed it to me once or twice...
so come back here now and tell us

NoLimit said...

lol! We will take this offline cos I can't remember although one particular gist seems to come to mind! hmmm:)