Wednesday, 14 September 2011

30 Day challenge... DAY 4 - Bullet My Whole Day

I have run out of excuses for not updating on time, so I won't bother giving you one either...I will just get with the programme...finito!

So here goes my day...

  • Went to the airport to drop off some items
  • Got back home, dressed up and went to was a joy to see & hear Pastor Sam preach...
  • After service went straight to the market to do some last minute shopping.
  • Jumped on an okada on impulse and enjoyed the "ride" home...PS... almost got bumped by a "I saw my whole life flash in front of me moment".
  • Went off to the island with a friend...
  • Galleria for a copy of Ikechukwu Ofili's new book
  • Picked up by another friend and off to terrakulture we went
  • Terrakulture for a was quite nice
  • Dinner @ terrakulture...the grilled fish is to keel for!
  • Got back home and "finalised" my packing!
  • Slept off thereafter


aloted said...

i see u had fun in naija:)

NoLimit said...

Yes I definitely did! :D