Tuesday, 27 September 2011

30 Day challenge... DAY 8 - What I Ate Today

Woke up hungry and decided to "murder" a plate of rice & fish with veggies... that kept me through the day though I snacked on plantain chips and a can of coke at midday.

Snacked on some sesame snaps in the evening and ended up eating noodles and frankfurters for dinner as a result of laziness tiredness!

Photo Credit: Kirsty Cat Blog


aloted said...

oya o come and continue the challenge...there is another one waiting for u on my blog sef.


Anonymous said...

Sugarcoated said... You seem to be snackin a lot• lol. Www.blackblackblacksheep.blogspot.com

NoLimit said...

@Aloted... as you don put me on the spot, I no get choice I go do am... but meen it is hard o!

NoLimit said...

@Sugarcoated... "guilty"!!! :)