Wednesday, 14 September 2011

30 Day challenge... DAY 5 - Things I would love to say to an Ex!!!

Don't know if this should be in bullet points or not but as usual...I will just go with the here we go :)

1. I'm the best sex you NEVER had! Actually I told an ex that when he kept putting pressure on me... I broke it off without looking back, put a huge distance between us 'cos dude was(don't know if he still is) a "walking temptation". Saw him a couple of years later and that was my exact word to him...amongst others:D

2. Looking at you now...the only thing running through my mind is "What the heck was I thinking dating/drooling over a guy like" *shudders* I must have been either very silly or extremely stupid! further comment

3. I didn't break your heart... you're just ticked you got caught in your own game ( with my tongue stuck out at him by the way:D). Again no further story!lol

4. I'm sorry it didn't work out...I wish you the best for the future... the lovely ex who was/is so nice but we just weren't meant to be :(

5. C'est la vie...guess we just grew apart.



Sincerely, I am often puzzled with how guys claim to love a lady yet demand sex from her. I'd love to believe, there was no love in it in the first place... cos if there's love, the feeling would be mutual. U don't need no pressure...

Moreso, for we children of God, its an abomination. I am not being a saint here... but its just sad for a guy to be the one asking when not married.. Heard many stories along these lines and its just sad! Many guys have lots gems cos of this silly act!


Nutty J. said...

I think the reason the sex pressure is rampant is because the world doesnt see premarital sex as a big thing... they have accepted it to be the norm...

But thank God for His children who knows not to conform to the world, but be transformed thru the renewal of their mind

aloted said...

wait o u have had 5 exes.. ??

ok nau i am calling u for the gist(s)

#aprokoismyhobby. lol!

NoLimit said...

@Aloted... "lip sealed" lol

NoLimit said...

@Aloted... "lip sealed" lol

@Nutty J.... Word!

@LDP... I stopped puzzling over that monkey years is what it is... if they don't have the understanding, then they just don't!