Thursday, 22 September 2011

Abia State Watchmen WAKE UP and smell the coffee

Okay let's pause a bit on the 30 day challenge thingy...a more pressing issued needs to be addressed right here and right now.Heard about a girl who got raped by five men...FIVE VIRILE MEN!
The video was and still is in circulation all over the www...
You would have thought that with such a good link, police, the authority...who ever is a "watchman" over abia state will take the cue and progress with further investigation...instead...the watchmen and leaders are busy releasing useless,senseless,extremely retarded and weak statement about it not happening in ABSU bla bla bla
seriously even if it happened in Ariara market...shouldn't this supposed watchmen be on it like a leach?
Instead they are busy speaking english.
the latest statement that got me really ballistic and made me put this post up is what the commissioner of police to abia state said...
as seen on linda ikeji's blog..he said

“We don’t investigate rape cases based on what people put on twitter. When a crime is reported, the DPO must send detectives to investigate the scene of the crime. Up till now have you seen the victim? Have you seen the scene of crime? Have you seen the suspects? It is a very dangerous rumour that must be dismissed by all good meaning Abians and Nigerians” - Bala Hassan, Commissioner of police Abia State.

I shuddered when I read this... This is a cruel statement and it isn't their long as we keep voting in animals in human skin, this is precisely what we will keep getting( I digress)...please if you know anything about this appalling incidence, kindly contact the police,Linda Ikeji and Ynaija(that is if the police will do anything at all).
will come back to update this post with appropriate links as this was posted via my phone.

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