Monday, 24 June 2013

Day 19: Five Items I lust After AKA Five Items I DROOL Over!

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I promise to say/type the truth and nothing but the truth!

Lust is not healthy, so in other for me to do justice to this post, I have retitled it :)
truth is I drool over a lot of things depending on my mood!
So one sec it is this beautiful house on the cover of a magazine, then it is a beautiful Balenciaga bag, then a very sexy body on a handsome dude, then it's a flat surfboard ab on a girl, or a stack of very hard currency... *sigh* you see where I'm going with this right? The list is endless!
Howeverrrr, I will do my best to pick 5 things I drool over in no particular order!
Right let's go!

1. Shoes
I love good shoes and a girl can never have enough shoes in my opinion!

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2. Beautiful homes! *sigh* ... Lord you see my heart!!!:)

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3. Good food!
I'm a closet foodie, I love good food! I would rather eat designer food than wear designer clothes!
You know what they say... you are what you eat;)

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4. Cute Babies!
There's something about babies that make me drool! They are as cute as a button!

5. A hot body on a hot guy with even hotter brains and manners!

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