Sunday, 30 June 2013

Day 28 - Somewhere I Would Like To Move To Or Visit.

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These are two different questions so let's not get it mixed up!
I would love to move back home hopefully soon... home being NAIJA! Lagos or Abuja thank you!
What I've realised is visiting Naij is totally different from living there! Oh it is wayyyy different, for one, it's touch and go for a visitor, but for a resident of Naij, you just have to open up your mind to get used to it all and when I say "it", I mean everything *sigh*
and for the place I would love to visit often? that would be the Caribbs...Lawd I was somewhere close to Antigua a while back and boy o boy did I have a whale of a time, it was this fabulous resort right by the Atlantic ocean, Lord the beach, the food, the air, the people, the drinks... the... I hope I get to visit resorts like this more often, it is definitely great for the brain!For real!
I hear Gambia and Mombassa are great locations too...I look forward to checking them out soon!
Chillaxing  unlimited!:) Just a week here  and it was sheer bliss!!!

By the way where would you like to visit?

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