Saturday, 1 June 2013

Five Ways To Win My Heart *RME*

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Need to do the needful before midnight ... In your face challenge!!! I'm on to you!!!

1. Gifts - I know I have changed! I would never admit this before, but the truth is, I love love unwrapping gifts, I just got a "belated gift card" from my friends(A family of 5) yesterday and I'm just back from maxing the card out! I felt euphoric, same feeling I had when my friend topped up my coins to get me ice-cream from my favourite "Oddono"'s seriously guys, you should try 'em out if you live in London, if you don't, check them out the next time you're in town... they make fabulous, heavenly ice cream!lol

2. Integrity and honesty ... I get won over time and time again with people with great hearts, I don't mean your regular "two goody shoes", I mean people that are true to themselves and honest about their strength and weaknesses, there's nothing as sleazy and repelling as people who lack integrity... they make my skin crawl; The opposite effect is what integrity and honesty does to me.

3.Purposeful, passionate and intelligent minds! There's nothing average about the average human being so there's no point living an average Joe's life or rolling with average people... You may have your regular 9to5 job but believe me, that's not ordinary! God don't make ordinary, so there's no way I'm going to sit down and chillax with average. People that know their purpose and are passionate enough to stand up and go for it regardless win my heart any day! Then the ones that may have tried and are still trying and are intelligent enough to do things differently earn my respect too.

4. Humour! Life is hard as it is... there's no point carrying the world's burden on your shoulder when you're not Jesus! I love to have a good laugh, I don't even mind being the butt of the joke as I've been opportune to be several times and that's because I give as good as I get! People with great sense of humour win me over all the time, but that joke had better be funny otherwise... *straight face*

5.Being Kind and Considerate( People Who aren't pretending to be!!!) ... Selfishness is a total turn off and this is in all part of the world thank you!
I love it when people think about others too and not just for their own selfish reasons! God knows there are many fake peops out there, I know I should flesh this up but I'm hoping this will do for now!

Till tomorrow...

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