Monday, 3 June 2013

Day 3 A book I love

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I like to think that I'm a book connoisseur although they don't fill a room yet but I'm getting there.
I dream of a house with a library..with wall to wall books *sigh* the joy!
I love the smell and feel of books at some point in my life, I bought books weekly, I stopped when I realised the pace I was reading the books wasn't commensurate to the pace I bought them.... Hopefully the gap will even out soon!lol
Reading books for me is seasonal; what I mean by this is - It is possible for me to buy a book, leave it there untouched and then go back to it about three years later reason being that it relates to the season I'm in at that point in time!
Most books usually relate to some and not all parts of life so for instance, a book on finance will have nothing to do with romance. A book on physics will probably not have anything to do with home economics!
Of all the books I've ever bought, the only one I know that is well rounded is ... drum roll... THE BIBLE!!!
I know it may sound cliché but the truth, fact and reality is ... The Bible is complete!
It educates you on life lessons the way other books can't! And to those that believe, it comes alive and dwells amongst them!Confirmed... tried and tested! Isn't it amazing:)
I was telling someone about the Bible... and I said The Bible is all the book you'll ever need!
And it is so true!
Personally the Bible is like a mirror that shows me how I am, the essence of looking in a mirror is to discover what needs to be adjusted and carry out the necessary/relevant adjustment if need be... That is what the Bible does, It reveals who you are!

 PS: Have you noticed that I keep using the "strikethrough" button/symbol ... love it!
PPS: That's Day3 tucked away! Yippee leegggooo!
PPPS: To read the Bible check here.

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