Saturday, 8 June 2013

Day 8 What I Ate The Whole Day

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Like I said in the last post, please pray with me!(I really mean it)!
Someone offended me and as you know, God said in His words that "vengeance is mine"
Yes I really want God to avenge and vindicate me and we all know that the best form of revenge against your enemy is SUCCESS!
So yes this week, I want victory, yes that's what I want from the most high! I want to be able to come here and testify about God's goodness and mercy!
About His faithfulness and how he turns things around regardless of what man may try to do!
Guys please take this seriously!

Anyways back to my post, as a result of this "offence", I kind of lost my appetite and didn't really eat much:) I know, I've never been this angry and disappointed at another human before or may be I have but I just can't remember right now!
So in the morning, I had cereal (Just right) was off to make my hair so I branched at the grillers, recommended to me by a friend - SO and got chicken that I ended up sharing with every one at the salon, well just my friends.
At night, (I won't call it evening... it was an ungodly hour!!!) I had ripe plantain and veggies!
I'm really trying to eat healthy now! But errrr, I had a bit of ice cream, cut me some slack, the thought of resisting pralines and cream was unbearable :P!

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