Sunday, 9 June 2013

Day 9: How Important I Think Education Is

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Education is the best gift you can ever give a child. It is weird, I just had a dream between 6 pm and 10 pm today.
In my dream, there was this woman married to a man who believed educating women was a waste of time!
Yet the woman is an advocate for education for women! I truly wonder what this dream means but it was kind of weird.
Maybe I thought about this topic so much that it turned to a dream or maybe it really means something.
Okay good people, let me know if you know what the dream means 'cos I honestly don't!
Well it is not news that I'm passionate about education and injustice.
You see I can actually link the two; It is important to get an education to reduce injustice. When you are educated, knowledge is imparted into you, information is revealed to you and this brings you out of ignorance to a new light.
Education is meant to throw light into whatever darkness it is you're trying to expose be it engineering, law, music, fashion, medicine, baking or whatever!
It is meant to build you up intellectually and mould and sharpen your talent.
When you've gone through this process, you are more aware at least that's what it should do to you.
And believe it or not, this reduces injustice cos you've been equipped and empowered to slay the dragon called injustice!
I know there are problems or issues militating against people getting a good education especially in my country of birth; but it is also my opinion that we can move beyond that. However, this post is not about the problems militating against good education generally, that would be a new post!
So how important is education to me? Let's just say that I believe EVERY CHILD DESERVES TO BE EDUCATED!!!

Ps: Hope you're still praying with and for me as humbly requested!

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