Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Day 23; Something That I Miss

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Let me tell you a story!

When I was an undegrad, I had this group of friends that I hung out with come rain come shine, it was just great to be in their company, good people, great food and fantastic convos.
Then one day, the students or was it lecturers now? decided to strike and we were all told to go home.
Now this was my firsgt year and I felt totally "grown up" or so I thought.
My friends and I stayed back for a couple of days but nothing changed, school was still closed. They decided to go home to Lagos but I was still feeling like an "independent" woman plus the fact that once I'm home, my "movement" will be monitored and curtailed decided to stay back. This decision stood for a total of 48hrs or less after which I packed my bag and went home too!
So what made me change my mind you ask.... well I started missing my friends and it was a pain so real it was almost physical!
At that point in time, I decided to go home too.
Moral of the story is... I miss people! I miss moments!! I miss humans does that make sense?
I try not to miss people now by conditioning my mind to NOT miss them. So when my friends come visiting, I just mentally see them to the airport before they physically depart, crazy I know!lol

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