Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Day 24 Five Words or Phrases That Make Me Laugh

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Many words/phrase make me laugh!
I'm a collector of great humour(words, stories, videos, music, poems and all whatnots)!

I don't mind sharing some with you:)

1. That moment when you feel like a mosquito in a nudist camp! describing abundance in crude terms lol

2. You're dressed for royal Ascot yet you look like a royal Mascot (PS: I coined this one...I should patent it!)

3. Why you come squeeze face like monkey wey lick lime! - ( rooftop MCs) That's just wack! Imagine the scenario!lol

4.I nullify every calorific powers in (Nigerian) vegetable soup! Got that from a video a friend sent to me, it was hilarious!

5. The only taste of success some will ever have is when they take a bite out of you - Zig Ziglar on criticism -  The phrase tickles me silly lol!

Okay just because I can, I'm adding FIVE more! My blog, MY RULEZ! lol
Oh the next 5 may not be funny but they reek of sarcasm-ish!

6. They don't call them "backbiters" for no reason! They are always at the BACK(where they belong till they repent)... Pushing you into your great destiny PS made up by me!

7. Seest thou a "decaf" drinking man ... He is spineless *scoffing* - another one by me .. No pun intended apologies to all the decaf drinking peops reading this!:)

8. Okay this one is a paragraph or 2!lol Okay it is a dialogue between Abraham and Isaac( an imaginary one) read about them here to have a better understanding of the joke 

9. If anyone compliments you by saying "You look like a million bucks" ... Please kindly confirm the currency before you accept the compliment! 'nuff said! *straight face* (By me!)

10. Hmmm you update pix of roasted turkey on instagram and add comment saying "10 course meal tinz"...yet you have a bowl of garri and kulikuli in front of you...GOD IS WATCHING YOU IN 3D!!!
lol (That was me coined by me too!)

I could actually continue but I'll stop here... humour is my thing! :D

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