Thursday, 6 June 2013

Day 6 My views on Mainstream Music

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Like I said in the previous post, I have no opinion per say on this matter.
Who classified it as mainstream anyways?
There are only two types of music I'm afraid i.e.. GOOD or BAD music!
So it don't matter if it's main stream, upstream, downstream, underground, overground, cult music;
whatever it is called, it is either good or bad simples!( In conk American accent)
I know some totally hate mainstream music 'cos it's been commercialised yaddy yaddy yadda!
But hey, why the evils :P
Next time you listen to music, listen with an open mind and judge for yourself if it is good or bad.
PS: Did I tell you I have ears for spotting a chat topper? Okay I just did!



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