Saturday, 1 June 2013

...Hope I've Been Able To Convince You That Computers Are Better Than Humans!!!

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*Sigh* don't you just wish that was true?lol!!!
But the truth is nothing beats relating with humans at least on a relational level any day 24/7!!!
I know we all have our days, where we really just want to shut someone up in mid sentence and silently wish they can disappear into thin air... But that ain't gonna happen.
They are here, as real as they've ever been. They're not going anywhere and you have to deal with it.
Personally I would rather chill with my laptop than with some humans but the truth is, that won't help me. especially when they are people you can't but bump into on a daily basis.
I realise that I have to learn to tolerate people 'cos they are learning to tolerate me too. So I suck it up and do they needful. The more I learn to relate with them, the more I realise that we are all human and we all go to toilet *news flash*lol!
We all want to get ahead in life although some are self destructive... but we all just want people to be a bit more loving and understanding, the only thing is we project this in different ways. So while some are vocal about what they want, some show you it in their actions while some just DON'T *sigh*! This last category of peops worry me(Tale for another day).
So next time that irritating colleague/staff gets on your last nerve, just smile sweetly and try to understand where she's coming from.

Started this 30days thingy a while back and stopped midway for lack of inspiration, well I'm back!!! I'm not going to continue from where I stopped, I am going to start afresh; I believe for one I'm more understanding of people's selfishness, self absorption, stupidity and all what nots!
Reason being that I've been selfish, self absorbed and all what nots too! My pastor usually says something... You can't appreciate the value of "Imodium" if you've never had diarrhoea! In this situation, I would like to say you can't understand people's action if you don't understand the reason behind their action...what drives them...Fine it may not excuse it, but it sure explains it!
And I'm starting today... so watch out for DAY ONE:) again!lol

PPS... In case you're wondering why I'm starting the challenge again... it is because it is what it is: A CHALLENGE... A call to engage in skill and strength! Join me if you can.
I need to challenge and convince myself that I can update consistently for 30 days non stop! Plus there are 30 days in June right? talk of perfect timing :)

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