Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Day 4: Bullet Your Whole Day

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Hmmmm now today was extra special so it is a long journal... it makes for an interesting read though... even if I say so myself!!! Enjoy ;)

5:30 Why do I keep waking up before the alarm goes off? Looks like my "body alarm" is doing a better job than this alarm... Okay snooze mode activated! I might as well join the prayer webinar here

06:00 - 06:30 Heavy prayers, no enemy can escape this attack and even if he does, he got injured and is totally useless!

06:35 Off to the bathroom need to be out of here ASAP.

07:20 SA calls to tell me to get my behind downstairs, time to justify my pay for the day! Need to run this power point presentation by SA ... did that on the train and sent a copy to Kay & Aloted for feedback... So thankful for friends I can ask for help in split seconds!

08:00 - Crikeys! we are at the station, no internet :(

8:20 kings cross station, if I'm fast enough, I should be able to get breakfast at abokado, that eatery is growing on me! Hmm yikes got off @ the wrong exit at kingscross and had to jump right back on the train!
Wait a sec!!! This train didn't just stop at Farringdon!!! OMG this can't be happening on a special day like this! Was meant to take the west bound train ... NOT the east bound one! Now on the stinky train from barking... Oya practice your breathing NoLimit (me speaking to myself like I was in labour)... Breathe in Christ breathe out fear. Breathe in Boldness and breathe out failure...I continued my "yoga" and stopped at 10! 
Phew! Breakfast at last! Oh despite the fact that the card reader bounced my TWO cards!!! smh. If this card keeps misbehaving, then there’s no lunch! *sigh*

09:00 Have mercy Lord, reading through my notes and making new notes!

09:50 Let the presentation begin! Hmmmn NoLimit is giving this presentation her A-Game, oh wow and her voice is not trembling!

11:00 Okay back to work, I feel so drained, thinking is an energy consuming task. Did you know that?

12:30 I know I said no lunch, but… this hunger won’t let me be! Ah, appetizer check. Main meal check. Dessert check. Cool stuff let’s dig in!

13:30 Back to my desk, the work keeps piling up but hey I’m “Wo”MAN enough to complete it!
Oh noooo this MsExcel didn't just crash on me!
Okay Auto Recover … Wow it didn't just crash again!
Today is definitely my DAY!!! Oh and I just discovered I lost a full page of work, now I have to start all over! Great just ggggrrrreat! *gritting my teeth*

19:00 Finally left the office and prayer walked to the station, Detoured to get my tablets from Sainsbury’s! This dude must be on some kind of cheap drugs! Didn't he tell me it costs only £1.99 in Sainsbury’s? I walk out and head straight for boots, my comfort zone!
I need to get that hay fever tablets those pollens aren't playing this year!

19:35 waiting for the train @ Euston square...
19:40 ughh! It is the rickety train to barking! Too bad I can't wait for my favourite metropolitan line train!
Started typing this post on the train and was "sleep typing" hmmmm see "system".
Ahhh Sudoku... Today's challenge is to finish before I get to my station.
Oh wow just read about the double standard ish on metro, okay that was hilarious. Hmmm so the princess is wearing a Jenny packham... I bet her website (Jenny Parkham) is going to explode right afterrrrrrrrr... Pause... NOW!lol ps: I joined the peops who may have exploded it i.e. if it did explode by checking out the website too. lol I just checked it on my mobile!
Uuuuhhhhh sudoku, hurry... NoLimit you can do this, come onnnn where them numbersss! (me encouraging myself on the train...quietly of course!) lol
Yay!I finished before I got to my stop!

Now what to eat... Deep thought! Definitely cooking is out off the question tonight!
Okay will call SO to ask about the chicken place... I could do with some grilled chicken! #carnivoreMode SwitchedOn!
Wow, you mean this shop churns out those delightful grilled periperi chicken! Looks can be deceptive mehn! I would never have thought!

20:40 Okay to walk home or not... Walk wins hang on, the bus comes in 3mins, errrr I'll hate it if it passes me on my way home...might as well wait, There's no rush in this jungle!

21:00 I will divide this chicken and eat some tomorrow (me to my self on my sofa as I unwind and watch my recorded “Tinsel” and "Scandal")…. Nah men! I consumed it all… it is too delicious to eat the next day! lol

22:00 long chat with my career mentor about my next move! God bless this man and his fam for taking time out to break things down for me!
23:57 My eyes are gluing together out of their own volition…

Ladies and Gentlemen: It’s a wrap!!!

Read through @ 20:20 05/06/2013 and discovered so many errors!
This is what happens when you "sleep type"! xoxo

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