Friday, 7 June 2013

Day 7 Five Pet Peeves

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Hey all, today was a stressful, I really hope that I can look at this particular day in the future and give God thanks for His kindness! Please say a prayer for me for God's mercy and favour.
Now back to my 30 day challenge, I have thought this out properly and in no particular order, my 5 pet peeves are:

1.Mouth Odour/Body Odour ... "Dude you need mint"; "Please do you have mint? I think my breathe stinks!!!"
Well that is usually me to my friends. I am kind of the "odour police"
I don't understand how people go around with very bad breath and stinking body odour and expect people to carry on as usual! No dude! It isn't okay for you to put your armpit in someone's face during rush hour even though your armpit stinks so much it can make people faint!
Mouth odour is usually a sign that something is "dentally" wrong, please don't take it lightly.

2.People who blast their music on the train! Seriously I judge you! Why can't a body just have some peace and quiet after a long day or even early in the morning! I think it is insensitive, ridiculous and extremely selfish! And it should be a punishable offence! for real.

3.Screaming/Talking loudly down the phone in a public transport; It is not your living room desist from treating it as one! Plus to be honest, We really don't want to hear your part of the convo!

4.Not respecting my personal space. I remember having a conversation with a friend and she was almost talking into my mouth! I had to go like mate step back and stay at arm's length from me permanently!
I don't get it, do you have to stand eyeball to eyeball with me to get your point across. It is just wrong to cross my personal space! Ugh!

5.People who breathe down your neck and people who read over my shoulders! By that I mean strangers who won't mind their business and even non-strangers! Just stop it already... my skin is crawling at the mere thought!

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Good Naija Girl said...

I agree with you on all these pet peeves jare...#4 doesn't bug me as much as the other four but it's still an irritant!