Saturday, 15 June 2013

Day 13 - My Opinion About My Body And How Comfortable I Am With It

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Well it's my body, I live in it, I may not like some parts but hey, I've been living in it for over THREE DECADES, I think it will be unwise to not accept it for what it is... so yes it is what it is.

Oh for the records, I'm not tolerating my body! I actually love it, it wasn't always like that.
While growing up, there was always one part or the other to gripe about, but when I look back at old pictures etc, I wonder and ask myself in amazement what the fuss was all about.
The truth is, you project your insecurities whether you like to admit it or not. Nobody knows your nose is too big till you start highlighting that detail, people are just too selfish to think about you first.
You think I'm lying? Okay if or when you take a group picture, who do you check out first? your friend? big lie! you check yourself out first and then you look at others lol
So you see, people are too engrossed in themselves to bother about your flat chest, your small eyes etc... although I must say when you decide to highlight it, then you leave people with no choice than to STARE!lol
So in conclusion my opinion about my body is that it is smoking hawtre, it was created just for me,I will always wear what befits it when and if I want to and I am extremely comfortable in my skin thank you!

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