Sunday, 30 June 2013

Day 29 Five(5) Weird Things That I Like

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Hmmm don't know if I like weird things but whatever!
I'm just going to list 5 things I like in no particular order.

1. I like bouncy castles for kids! Yes I remember when we had a BBQ in my church and Aloted came with Bionic, I got into the bouncy castle using Bionic as excuse!!! :D I just had to bounce in there lol!

2. I like my peace and quiet when I'm indoors! A friend of mine was shocked to realise I don't really like chit chatting when I'm indoors, okay not that I don't chitchat indoors but sometimes I just want to unwind and be left alone to me and my thoughts!
I'm naturally a bubbly being but I love my ME time and God help you if you cross me when I'm trying to have one. Plus I love to relate with people outside and then come back home to reflect and just enjoy the memories... is that weird enough?

3. You realise how hard this is right? I like people watching... yeah just that! Sit in the middle of a busy mall and watch people pass by... the ones trying to stylishly pull out their wedgies!lol
The busy ones, the divas, the intimidated macho looking ones, the flustered mums, the calm, cool and collected ones and ... oh I just like watching people!

4. I like being indoors on a rainy day! Hot Chocolate, Duvet and Naija movies anyone? lol

5. I like blogging in my head! Hence the reason many fabulous posts have not made it to this blog! Shame!:(


seye said...

God will someday save you from naija movies

NoLimit said...

ntaDelayed response!:P Amen! But God will then change your mind and help you LOVE naija movies!