Sunday, 2 June 2013

Day2 : Somethiing I feel Strongly About!

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Two things gets my attention all the time!

1. Injustice
2. Education

I thought since I would rather keep my opinion on injustice and double standards to myself, I should speak on education... I'm all about the positives nowadays!:)

Contrary to what people thought back in the days, a good education will not necessarily make you rich!
But it can elevate you to the levelled playing field to compete with the big boys; What I mean by this is education is an eye opener, at least a good one! It can be a tool to get from point A to point Z
It opens up your mind and helps you to see and maximise opportunities if applied properly.
The greatest injustice man has ever experienced is people who knowingly withhold education from those that need it.
Education doesn't only occur in the four walls of an institution! But it is important to learn to read and write, that is basic and should be default for everyone.
I'm convinced that everyone ought to be educated and it should be accessible to the needy as well.
I worry about the educational system in my country of birth but I know it will get better.
Oh and life is the greatest school! Like someone I know usually says - Be a student for life in the school of life!

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