Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Day 5 - Things I Want To Say To An Ex!!! (It Gets Better!!!)

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Yes it sure does get better lol! So now I have to write to an ex and really give them a piece of my church mind! Cool leeggoo!

I'm so upset with myself right now because I wrote this earlier in the day but now, I apparently didn't save it!
Oh well I will have to start again... What is it with me not saving my work this past few days!

So it just occurred to me right this second that the word EX is very broad!!! Ex boyfriend, ex wife, ex job, ex house, ex brother lol iKid! but you get my drift.
Based on this new rev, I've decided to do a post and write to my ex-job! (I literally just heard some one hiss lol) Calm down! it's not that serious.

Okay to the EX here's what I have to say!

1. You were EXed out for a reason; ! You belong to my past... stay there!

2. What in the world was I thinking ... I bet I was on cheap drugs. Your creator didn't make you a waste of space you did that to yourself! Get help.

3.Wishing you nothing but the best in your future endeavour to become the president of a great nation while sitting on your tiny behind expecting the world to bow to you because the world "owes" you?

4. Like I said before, I'm the best sex you never had! A player got played! You win some... you lose some!:)

Again Ladies and Gentlemen... It's a wrap!!!

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