Saturday, 15 June 2013

Day 12 - Five Guys I Find Attractive...

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Woohoo this topic is quite interesting! wouldn't you want to know the 5 guys NoLimit finds attractive?
*Rolling My Eyes*

In my previous post, I talked about people who were and are still real to me. In this post, I will talk about famous people you can check out and this is based solely on what I see i.e. the personality they present to the WWW not who they really are in private... This is meant to be fun so I'm not going to go all stuffy on ye all! That is as abstract as it gets.

1.King David - A guy that can "pour forth" such lyrics is attractive to me! lol Plus he was a bloke, I know 'cos the Bible says so!
What were you thinking? Heeheehee I bet some peops are giving me some looooonnngggg hiss now!:P chillax it gets better

2. Dixon in 90210 ....Cut me some slack I didn't say I want to "jump" him all I said was he is attractive! He has the cutest smile ever!

3. Chris Attoh ... I knowww it's getting hot in here! And Lawd knows I'm not trying to be carnal, I'm just stating the obvious fact! Dude is attractive, simples!

Hmmm I just noticed that the two people I've mentioned are artists, for crying out loud, where are the attractive scientists and authors. Oh well... The post is not depicting who they are in real life so bear with me if you know them and their unattractive sides personally!

4. Joseph The Dreamer - He had the audacity to dream, he never lost hope, he was wise and he was so handsome and well built portiphar's wife wanted to have a piece of him! I mean check that combination out... A dreamer, wise man, handsome and well built! all rolled in one! Jesus take the wheels!lol

5. *sigh* They are two many some I'm going to class them as one - The beautiful minds! Das all!

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