Thursday, 2 April 2015

B - Birthdays

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I've decided to be as random as I can be for this challenge! So I may put up a post on a funny experience and suddenly decide to post on something really serious. Well I just had to put that out there.

Growing up, mum was big on celebrating birthdays; you just know that you're the queen for 24hours though you still weren't exempted from your regular morning chores it came with the "Queen of the day package".

Fastforward to many moons later and I realise I've almost lost that attitude to celebrate my birthday... "almost" I said. I still celebrate, actually I think my birthday should be a public holiday at least in "NoLimit Kingdom", it is. But I've lost all that birthday celebration spirit(almost)... I decided to kickstart for my birthday this year and was already planning in my head to tell invite some friends over for a little shindig... the though of the logistics, people coming over to mine, the noise(I may or may not love it), thought of ordering and cooking food and just generally clearing up stopped me in my tracks. I know know I know... I should still have gone ahead, hopefully, next year will be better!
So how do you celebrate birthdays?

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