Monday, 27 April 2015

Walking Dead

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My question is why die before you die?
Why should you live in fear of what can be when it hasn't even happened? Why choose to live life in another's shadow when you're meant to shine so bright that we need shades!
Why have you chosen not to live at optimum(In other news, I think optimum is my new favourite word as I think I've managed to use it in 2-3 consecutive posts!lol).
Don't let anything turn you to a walking dead; a shadow of your former self... tell whatever it is and tell yourself you only live once(YOLO baby!!!) and even if you must exit, you will go with a bang!
Life happens I know and I also know it can be overwhelming, but whatever it is, here is me sending you a massive hug and whispering in your ears live a little, don't let anything or anyone kill you before your time.

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