Tuesday, 7 April 2015

F - Flight Stupidity - A to Z Challenge

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My life in movie would be highly dramatic and filled with  great humour!lol Yeah all kinds of drama... think about it.
Let me tell you about the craziest, stupidest(let me own that word), most frustrating thing that has ever happened to me... to date!
So there I was preparing for this travel to meet my family and friends. As you can imagine, I was super-excited and buzzing all over! I had planned for the parties, the outings, the dinners, lunch, fun, meet ups, chillaxing at the beach... I had it all covered to the T! As a matter fact I packed backwards i.e from my last day to the first day I touched down lol! 
I'm sure God must have been laughing at me in heaven thinking look at this "yeye" girl... packing and getting ready without putting the most important thing into consideration(don't worry, keep reading you'll know what it is in a minute!lol).
So I was fully charged and raring to go. I had booked my cab to the airport a night before and had a checklist of things to do before I left the house. Everything was fine and dandy till I got to the airport.
A friend of mine was on the same flight with me and we had planned to sit together for the duration of the flight. I was pretty much looking forward to this. As the cab driver dropped me at the airport, I suddenly realised I left my passport at home!!! MY PASSPORT... that tiny booklet that looked so unimportant but is actually the most important thing to pack for the journey.
I have never felt so stupid in my life... I was soooo frustrated and sooo sad, you can't begin to imagine.
I've heard it happen to people and I was always the one saying stuff like "how can you be so stupid", who the heck forgets their passport at home!... well on that faithful night, I got my response!
As you may have guessed I couldn't board that flight as my passport didn't get to me on time but I learnt a lesson... or two.
Sometimes the tiniest bit is the most important bit... it won't have really mattered if I didn't take some shoes along with me for this journey but that passport as tiny as it looked, as unimportant as it looked was my ticket out of the location I was at that point in time. 
What is that important thing you've exempted that is actually the ticket out of your current situation? People say don't sweat the small stuff and I totally agree but some small stuff are paramount to your existence.

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