Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Get Lost - A to Z Challenge

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If there was a "GET LOST" card some people deserve it in this life!
For real y'all I'm not even playing. And if there's anyone that is so deserving of this card the most, it will be our common enemy; the devil lol did you actually think I was going to mention a name O_O(PS:I actually used a capital D but I changed it to a small "d" cos the enemy doesn't even deserve that kinda respect! sheesh)! Well the devil is our common enemy and the fact that you're a human being automatically makes you an enemy! The enemy will use any and everything to pull you down ie people, things, places whatever! 
But truth be told some people in our lives too deserve the GL card and I've been known to serve people this card without any hard feelings, it doesn't mean you're my enemy it just simply means that I wish you well but I can't deal with your negative energy. If I'm being honest with myself, I deserve the GL card myself sometimes... temporarily that is!
Here is an honest list of the types or behaviour of people I may have served the GL card in the past (and in the future if care is not taken).

1. People who always see the cup half empty! I don't have it all figured out and as a matter of fact, no one does so I'm not expecting perfection from anyone or any quarter but when all you see is doom and gloom, I'll rather have you see it alone... don't include me in that drama.

2. People who can't keep confidential things CONFIDENTIAL! I don't give people the chance to mess me up twice on this matter! Never... If I tell you something in confidence and the next thing is I see it on the WWW... then that's it, you won't be hearing a word from me forever! We can still roll together and chill together, but I'm never telling you anything of great importance to me anymore. Unless of course there's a life and death reason why you had to share this info with other people.

3. People who are always right in their own eyes... this is where I come in! Gosh I can't count the number of excuses I've made for my many mess ups in the past, there's always a genuine reason from me! SMH! But most times when I see things through the other person's eyes, I own it; warts and all. Now the truth is even criminals always have excuses for committing crimes, it's human nature. But when your mistakes have been outlined in black and white to you yet you still want to keep forming "It isn't my fault", "blame it on my mother", "my past caused it", "It is the devil", "I didn't have a father figure growing up", "Don't judge me" and other excuses like that, I tend to serve the GL card straight up.

4. Unappreciative and unthankful people! Oi we're all hustlers in this game so when you get whatever, know that it isn't your right and frigging say thank you! I can't deal! Just stay thankful and stay humble.

5. Proud people: I think 4 and 5 are connected. Proud people give me rashes! Goodness who the heck do you think you are. when you think the sun shines through your anus, I have an issue and you'll be getting a big fat GET LOST AND GET FAR AWAY FROM ME card!lol. Not that you'll notice or it matters to you, but you'll still get it anyways!

6. When people act so fake and lie through their teeth even when they don't need to, it means I can't trust you and honestly if I can't trust you to a certain degree, there's no point rolling or chilling with you so... GET LOST! come to think of it, it's been ages since I met people like this. I guess my personality doesn't help at all in this matter. If you're fake you won't even like me cos I will call you out on your "fakery"! I may not call you out in publicl but you will know that I know that you're doing a bad job! 

I'm pretty sure I have a long list but I'll stop here... what attitude or behaviour will make you serve the GET LOST(GL) card???


Stephen Tremp said...

I hate gossip. If I hear someone trashing someone else, I know its only a matter of time before I'm on their list.

S. L. Hennessy said...

#2 drives me crazy. If I trusted you with something, keep it to yourself or get lost!

Good luck with the 2015 A to Z Challenge!
A to Z Co-Host S. L. Hennessy

NoLimit said...

@ Stephen I know right!!! When I know someone is a gossip I try as much as possible not to say anything personal when I'm conversing with them...I'm not about that life lol!
@Hennessy Word!