Monday, 6 April 2015

If You Said It, Own It and Take Responbisility For Your Action - Lagos Yawa

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That was what went through my mind when I heard Oba Akiolu threatened the Igbo leaders in Lagos.
Yes that's the adult thing to do. And that shows maturity after-all no one is perfect and nobody expects you to be.
I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired of our leaders treating us like fools.
Woke up to this story on my timeline that the Oba of Lagos threatened the Igbo community in Lagos and my first thought was haba, that's an honourable educated man, an elder in the land; he would never say such.
Well I was in for a shock as an audio link on soundcloud ensued. I almost passed out. I even had a convo with a relative who knows a lot about "this things" on it and the said person told me not to believe that ridiculous thing that the Oba would never say such and it is propaganda by APC bladdybladdybla well I was convinced as there's a youtube video at Alibaba's Jan1st concert of an interview with the outgoing 1st Lady. Now when I listened to that interview without the video, I was so sure it was the first lady but out came the video and low and behold, it was a man mimicking Dame Goodluck. So I willed it to be the case in this particular matter.
I hadn't even dropped the phone for 10minutes when the video popped up on my timeline, apparently HE SAID IT! Unless that video was "photoshopped" too as many people would want us to believe including my relative!
To say I'm disappointed is putting it lightly. It isn't even about what the Oba said but it is about what he hasn't done!
Come onnnnn we all make mistakes and when you make a mistake, you should really do what's right as an adult and a respected one at that.
All sorts of official statements have been flying out of the palace denouncing what he said I guess they didn't think the video was somewhere in the WWW.
This is not about any political party it is about doing what is right! He needs to apologise to the parties involved. It is time for our leaders to realise that technology has made the world more transparent than they can imagine. 
Sir if you said it, you should really come clean and admit that you made a mistake and apologise sincerely, let's move on from there. You may be the king but you're first human and regardless of what Yoruba mythology will have us believe, you're not god.
Every life matters in Nigeria, every life matters in Lagos, it is time to drop all this tribalistic nonsense, we are all one and we can only forge ahead as such!

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