Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Romance... what does that even mean???

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So Nolimit are you romantic he asked. I was like you mean the chocolate, flowers and cakes romance or the poetic ones where you keep writing sweet cheesy meaningless poems? lol even I had to laugh at that.
Well maybe the romantic ones in the blogosphere can help out; My question today is what does it mean to be romantic? do you think it is relative? For instance, giving flowers as gifts to some women is considered romantic, whilst other women will flog you with that same flower and tell you how your mates are buying beautiful diamond necklaces for their loved ones(I won't even mention what part of the world this is likely to happen, we are just going to generally assume it happens everywhere).
And what do men consider romantic cos in my opinion being romantic is so one-sided. Is it a bad thing to not be romantic or do we all have it in us? As you may have guessed, this is another "Wondering Out Loud" post. lol

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