Thursday, 9 April 2015

How To Stay Sane In The Midst Of Crisis A to Z Challenge 2015

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Crisis is part of life and at some point in our various lives, we probably would, must have encountered it. Some may just be coming out of one, some may be in one as we speak/read and some may just be about to enter into it. Guess the point I'm 
trying to stress is that, life happens and how we deal with it and our comportment during this period of crisis determines the outcome a lot!
So how do I stay sane when everything seems like it is crumbling!
Personally in that kind of situation, I ask myself, what is the lesson in this crisis, seriously, just take a step back from the madness and think about what can or must be learnt from it, otherwise I'm afraid you may have to repeat the class.
I also remind myself of the fact that it could be worse than this. Yep it sure can be worse, there is always something to be thankful for. ALWAYS and focus on that particular thing you're thankful for in that situation.
Know and understand that just because you're going through a bad situation doesn't give you an excuse have a bad attitude or behaviour. Whilst your friends and close family members may bear with your grinch behaviour, outsiders or even those who maybe in a position to help you won't or may not be that understanding. So behave yourself.
Be thankful for the miracles in other people's lives. Whilst it is human to be envious, you should and must kill envy with thankfulness. As someone I respect always says, don't kill your brother, kill envy! Understand that the fact that only one light-bulb (the other person's miracle/breakthrough) is working in a house signifies there's power in the house you only need to connect to the source of that power to get yours... so stay connected and don't be bitter.
This too shall pass be calm.

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