Thursday, 16 April 2015

No Distance In The Realm of The Spirit

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Don't know why I decided to choose a topic like this but I did and I'm just going to talk a teeny weeny bit about it.
Heard about the story of a guy that left an African country to study in America, after graduating, he got a great job in America and decided to stay back for a while. He went to Africa on holiday and got lots of presents for everyone, he gave his grandma some money(tidy amount the story goes) and gave his mother double of what he gave grandma.
Grandma then calls him to her room privately and accused him of under estimating her. Dude thought he could just talk his way out of it till grandma brought out a pot under her bed, recited some incantations and the next thing that appeared in the pot was the guy's house/home in America. heard that almost ran him mad but for God!!!
People always think they can shut down and run away from one particular location and even do a change of name just to run away from an issue, sin, family problem acting like a plague etc. but apparently, there's no distance in the realm of the spirit and only Jesus can save... this is my truth.

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