Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Kinetic Energy - A to Z Challenge 2015

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I remember my physics class back in the days and how the physics teacher was so thorough with his explanation of kinetic and potential energy. So what is kinetic energy?
According to "wiki", it is the energy a body possesses by virtue of being in motion. 
Let me break it down the way I understand it.
When I sit my behind down and do nothing, I retain and have potential energy, this means that I have the tendency to really do something but as long as I'm seated, I'm just a potential.
In order to gain energy whilst in motion, I need to "do something"; Kinetic energy is an action energy. 
So ladies and gentle men, enough of the potential quality/energy, allow it to be transformed to kinetic energy.
 I suggest you dust yourself up and get moving!

PS: I was half asleep when I typed this, may come back to update but ~I hope you truly understand that you need to get up and do something!

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