Monday, 6 April 2015

Embarrassing Moments - A to Z Challenge

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Have you ever been in situations where you literally want to enter the ground and disappear?
Well I have... loads of time but I'm just going to share one!
So I was at this wedding all dolled up and looking seriously hot (I kid you not, even I checked me out in the mirror several times!lol).
Whilst we were singing one of the hymns at the church service, out comes this "evil sneeze" that destroyed my rep(temporarily). So I sneezed and let one rip about the same time. Oooh the horror! O_O, I was so embarrassed  probably turned beetroot red!
A friend that sat beside me said she didn't hear anything, she probably said it to make me feel better; whatever!lol I chose to believe her. 
I was back to normal some minutes later after reminding myself of how natural it was to pop(but another part said but not in I silenced that part sharpishly!).
What's your experience of an embarrassing moment? Pray share!lol

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