Saturday, 18 April 2015

P is for Packaging!!!lol Aka Branding!

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A comedian once said the difference between plantain chips and "Ipekere" is packaging, what that loosely translates to is " You're addressed the way you present yourself".
So try looking like a riffraff and low and behold, you will be identified as one and they'll come pouring out of the woods simply because you're a riffraff magnet!lol Well I kind of partly disagree with it but another part of me understands this "packaging" also known as branding!
It isn't a bad thing to portray yourself the way you would want to be addressed which some call faking it till you make it!(Hmmm). But what I find completely annoying is people who aren't worth their weight in platinum. You can't behave like a flip-flop and honestly expect to be treated like loubiton! Nope that can't work. At least upgrade your intellect gradually to where you really want to be.
No matter how well you brand your outer-self/physical appearance etc, your inner branding is your ultimate packaging!

Ps: Plantain chips is called "ipekere" in yoruba language.


Melanie Schulz said...

Inner branding--love it. You are so right.

NoLimit said...

Hi Melanie, thank you so much for stopping by!!!