Monday, 20 April 2015

Quiet Meditation

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I bet you think I'm about to put up some words of wisdom on the aforementioned topic... sorry but I'm also searching for answers and hoping I can use this medium to really make inquiries about this.
I know meditation is an ancient art that helps to quieten the body or something related. I have friends who do yoga and say it is some phone of meditation but frankly speaking, I'm really not interested in yoga, I'm keen to understand how Christians meditate, I mean the biblical setting yourself apart and thinking about a bible verse or how is it done anyways?
My question is, what does meditation mean to you and how do you carry out this act of meditation.
There's a story behind this, I went to a catholic church somewhere off Brompton road with a friend of mine. When we got there, they were observing their quiet time or something that looked like it. You could literally hear a pin drop in the room, it was weird to me but then it was calming, I could hear myself think but it was unsettling too.
I said unsettling because I'm Pentecostal and we're known for singing and dancing out loud (lol) there's nothing quiet about Pentecostal, to now discover this new art, that is quiet yet so powerful...I wanted to understand it. 
I hear it is good to be still for at least 10 minutes a day. Why is this not mentioned in the pulpits? Okay I'm going to be quiet 'cos I'm getting super-random.

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